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Nov 2022
  • By Jess Thompson7th November 2022


API update: A new public holiday endpoint for 2023

We’ve released a new, dedicated public holidays endpoint for Float’s API. Starting in 2023, public holidays will be removed from the time off endpoint.

The public holidays endpoint lists all public holidays available for your team. You can map team members against these holidays using a new region field on the people endpoint response. This will function in the same way as other team-wide holidays.

What action do you need to take? 

We recommend working with your development team to set up the public holidays endpoint before the end of the year. Doing so will ensure your team’s availability is transferred accurately from Float to your integrated applications and that you continue to get all of your essential data.

For more information, check out our API documentation. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@float.com.

  • By Jess Thompson2nd November 2022


New time off approvals let you manage availability alongside your planned work

Time off can now be requested and approved directly on the schedule in Float, with a complete view of your team’s planned work, time off, and capacity. No more switching between different tools and calendars—all the essential details are now in one place!

Time off approval gives you more influence over your team's time and helps avoid ambiguity on the schedule. A clear view of approved time off makes it easy to adapt your project plans around your team's leave and keep work on track. 

Oct 2022
  • By Jess Thompson31st October 2022



A streamlined Manager role with flexible permissions and time off approvals

We’re combining project and department manager access into a single Manager role—with personalized permissions that provide clarity around who manages what within your team. Additionally, people managers can now approve time off requests for team members who report directly to them. 

Check out the quick walkthrough below for more on the new Manager access and time off approval workflow.

This update will be applied to all accounts the week of December 5, 2022. Or you can make the switch now and join 1,000+ teams who have already turned on the new permissions! An Admin or Account Owner can click Get Started in your Team settings in Float.

Jun 2022
  • Michael
  • By Michael Freedman3rd June 2022

    Project Planning


    Time Tracking

Schedule tentative time off without overriding tasks + lock logged time for more control over timesheets

Unexpected changes to scheduled and logged time can be time consuming and costly. To combat this, we’ve introduced tentative time off that doesn’t impact any of your planned work until it is confirmed on the Schedule.

Teams using Time Tracking can now lock logged time as well, ensuring greater reporting and invoicing accuracy. 

Apr 2022
  • 27th April 2022


Coming soon: Changes to manager access rights for custom permissions

We’re streamlining manager access rights into a single role with flexible permissions for more clarity and precision around what is managed. 

Managing projects or departments isn’t always clear-cut. Combining these access rights with customizable permissions will let you cherry-pick access rights based on the hierarchy and structure of your organization. For example, if Joanna manages Fred, and Fred manages two people, their access rights can be individually tailored to suit their needs.

How does it affect your team?

  • Select individual people you manage without needing to manage a whole department 
  • Project managers will no longer be able to schedule time off for everyone—only those they manage
  • Allow managers to edit both people and projects
  • Hide or show sensitive details like budgets, billable rates, and reports to individual managers

We’ll be sharing more details soon! If you have any questions in the meantime, reach out to us at support@float.com.

Mar 2022
  • Michael
  • By Michael Freedman22nd March 2022

    Project Planning


    Time Tracking

Schedule design updates: A simpler interface, more navigation options, and faster insights

Since releasing our new Schedule interface late last year, we've been listening closely to what's working and, more importantly, what's not working for you and your team.

Thanks to your input, we've made some exciting design updates:

  • New drop-down options to manage your team's scheduled tasks, projects, and logged time in fewer clicks
  • A simplified date range selector with preset options to see your team's scheduled and logged hours more easily
  • A dedicated tab on the sidebar for teams using time tracking to review and submit their logged hours faster