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Mar 2023
  • By Michael Freedman29th March 2023

    Project Planning


Float community on Slack: Join the world's best planners

Join the world's best team planners across modern professional organizations in our new Slack workspace exclusive to Float customers!

The Float Community serves as your comprehensive hub to:

  • Interact with renowned business owners, project managers, and operational leaders spanning a wide array of industries
  • Gain early access to new Float features including sub-departments and the desktop timer app, and be the first to see discovery designs for early-stage concepts like a Float home view
  • Offer valuable input on our product roadmap and provide insightful feedback on how we approach the more strategic aspects of planning such as percentage-based allocations
  • 23rd March 2023

    Project Planning


Sub-departments let you create mini-teams within teams in Float

Sub departments launching soon to Float

Start nesting teams within teams by adding sub-departments. Sub-departments let you set up your team precisely how you want and provide greater flexibility over your org.

The manager role in Float allows you to cherry-pick permissions based on your organization's hierarchy and structure and decide who and what each person can manage—assigning a new sub-department to a manager will give them the ability to:

  • Approve time off for their sub-department team members
  • Filter their Schedule view by sub-department
  • Schedule and reassign work for their sub-department team members

For example, you could create sub-departments for frontend, backend, and mobile engineering teams within the engineering department. This makes it easier for managers to oversee their team members and allocate resources.

Add more hierarchy to your Float account with workspaces

Sub-departments are just the beginning of more hierarchical features coming soon to Float!

We're also exploring adding a new workspaces feature to allow organizations to switch between/share resources across teams. If you're interested in getting an early look at the feature, please contact us at insights@float.com.

Feb 2023
  • 24th February 2023

    Project Planning


Set up tasks more intuitively and archive time off types

We're excited to share our latest UX wins with you! We're always working to improve Float, and these updates should help take your team's productivity to the next level.

Task menu project field

Tasks without a project are like a bicycle without wheels—they won't take you anywhere! That's why we've moved the project field to the top of the task menu to make planning and assigning tasks easier.

The project field now appears above the task field when assigning new work to your team in Float

Archive time off types

Has your team made updates to your PTO policies this year? Now you can archive old time off types without losing any historical data.

Check out the video below for more on setting up time off in Float.

  • Siobhan Hayes headshot
  • By Siobhan Hayes7th February 2023

    Time Tracking

Time tracking competitor contract credit offer

Do you currently use another tool for time tracking? Did you know that you can switch to Float time tracking for free for the duration of your existing contract?!

We want to give every team a chance to try time tracking with Float—even if you have an agreement with another provider. We'll apply a credit for the remainder of your contract with another time-tracking tool to your Float account (up to 12 months).

Take a look at how much you could save each year planning and tracking time for ten people in Float (prices as of December 2022):

Harvest (Pro) + Forecast - $1,896

Toggl Track (Starter) + Plan (Business) - $2,880

Float Resource planning + Time tracking - $1,200

Find out more by booking a call with our sales team today!

Jan 2023
  • 25th January 2023

    Project Planning


AA compliant colors and contrast for improved accessibility on tasks and phases

We’ve introduced new colors and higher contrast text to make Float more accessible for all team members—especially those with vision or reading-related needs. Project, client, and task name text will appear darker/lighter on the schedule to make them easier to read on screen.

All background and text colors in Float are AA compliant (at a minimum), with some contrast also meeting the upcoming WCAG3.0 accessibility standards.

Any existing custom colors you’ve set for projects will stay the same (unless you manually change them), and text has been updated automatically to meet the new compliance standard. You can apply the new colors when you create or edit a project in Float. 

This is the first of many usability updates coming to Float, including a new desktop dark mode! Stay tuned for more details soon.

Dec 2022
  • By Jess Thompson14th December 2022

    Time Tracking

Coming soon: A task timer to keep track of time entries without relying on memory

Scheduling work and tracking time in separate apps can add up fast, and can create data sync issues. Starting the timer based on your scheduled tasks directly in Float means you don’t have to add project details for every task you time, and there’s no need to export task durations to timesheets. You can compare your estimates to actuals without worrying about any data being lost between tools.