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Sep 2021
  • Michael
  • By Michael Freedman7th September 2021

    Project Planning


Keep track of your team’s leave by setting a time off policy

We've introduced time off policies to help you manage your team's vacation, sick days, and other time off that's scheduled in Float.

Each person's leave balance is displayed in real time as they are scheduling it, so your team will always know if they are over or under their allocation.

Additionally, your team's remaining balance, the days and hours that they've scheduled, and the total percentage of time off used are automatically tracked in your reports for quick and easy leave management.

  • 6th September 2021

    Project Planning


Receive schedule and time tracking reminder emails based on your local time zone

We've added local time zone support for schedule and time tracking reminder emails sent from Float. You can set your time zone preference by clicking Settings > Notifications.

Team members can receive an email copy of their schedule at the start of their day (or week, depending on your settings) and a daily or weekly reminder to log their hours.

For distributed teams with members located across the globe, now everyone can stay in the loop on their own time!

Aug 2021
  • 30th August 2021

    Project Planning


Coming soon: We’re making changes to the activity feed

In the coming weeks, we'll be simplifying the activity feed in Float and removing it from the mobile apps.

The activity feed will be relocating to the Team Settings page where the Account Owner and Admins can review their team's activity for the past 7 days in a new and easily digestible format.

Jul 2021
  • 21st July 2021

    Project Planning


New department manager access + the option to limit your team's view to multiple departments

The new Department Manager role gives your team more focused visibility and increased scheduling powers for their assigned departments in Float.

Department Managers can assign new tasks and time off to their department, manage their team's logged time, and invite new people to join Float.

For more on the different access rights available, check out this help article.

Also new is the option to limit your team's view to multiple departments. For large, distributed teams, this helps deliver a more personalized view of the people and projects they need to see—and hides the ones they don't.

For more info on how departments work, check out this help article.

  • Michael Freedman
  • By Michael Freedman15th July 2021

    Project Planning


Sync your scheduled status with Slack to keep your team in the loop

Share your scheduled status across Float and Slack to give your team even greater visibility into where everyone is working from.

Scheduling a status in Float helps keep distributed teams in the loop and ensures that logistics don't get in the way of productivity.

  • 14th July 2021

    Project Planning


    Time Tracking

New time options to help your team plan, track, and bill smarter

We've added more granularity to time inputs in Float to help you plan your people and projects with more precision.

Tasks can now be scheduled in increments as small as 1 minute (down from 15 minutes), and up to two decimal places (e.g., 3.33 hours). For teams who schedule in 6-minute increments and bill at 1/10th of an hour, this helps ensure that client invoices are 100% accurate.

More granular time also means that there are additional round-up options for logging time, project budgets can be adjusted on the fly and tracked with ease, and your team's work hours can be set right down to the minute!

More granular time reporting in Float