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Plan your projects and schedule your team’s time all in one place.
The resource planner helping teams save time and keep projects on track.

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Resource Scheduling

Stress-free scheduling

Allocate tasks with the ease of a click and drag. Reassign tasks between team members with a simple drag and drop. See updates in real-time, from your desktop to your iPhone. No spreadsheet can dare to compare.

Multi-project Planning

For when there's more than one project to manage

View all of your projects and their competing milestones from a single view. Reallocate resources and monitor your budgets in real-time. Clear up conflicts with a few simple clicks.


Where plans meet reality

Remove the guesswork by scenario planning based on real resource capacity. Monitor your team's utilization in advance. Forecast hours to see if a project is on budget before it's on fire.

Capacity Management

A single source of truth for your team's availability

Set your team's individual work hours, local public holidays, and time off. See at a glance who's overbooked and who's chilling in the Bahamas.

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