Kickstart your project with these 15 downloadable project plan templates

Are you just getting your project off the ground? Use one of these free, downloadable project plan templates to help you get started.

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Do you need to create a plan for your next project but are unsure what it should include? Do you want a way to plan your projects more efficiently and reduce stress? Are you interested in using project plan templates that may cut your planning time in half?

If you said yes to any of the above, here are 15 free project planning templates to help you keep track of timelines, budgets, deliverables, scope creep, and more!

What is a project plan template?

Project plan templates are pre-filled documents that provide the framework for building your project plans.

Just as the skeleton provides the all-important structure and support for our bodies, project management templates offer direction on what to include in your plans and how they should be organized.

➡️ Learn more about the project planning process or check out our ultimate guide 🙌 to creating project plans.

How to use a project plan template

1. Begin by downloading a project planning template of your choice.

2. Customize the sections based on your project's specific requirements. Start by filling in the details for each section necessary for your project.

3. Check for accuracy and consistency throughout the document. Make sure that all data points are accurate and up-to-date.

4. Review all sections before submitting the template for approval from relevant stakeholders.

15 free project plan templates

1. Simple project plan template

A simple project plan outlines the steps and resources necessary to complete a project. This template allows managers and team members to track progress, stay organized, and communicate with stakeholders.

Simple project plan template

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2. Project action plan template

A project action plan template outlines the steps to complete a project successfully. It guides the team on what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

Project action plan template

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3. Business case template

You can use the business case template to provide justification for your project, document reasons why it should be undertaken, and show decision-makers the potential return on investment (ROI).

Business case template

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4. Project schedule template

Outline the timeline, deliverables, and tasks required using this project schedule template. Quickly enter the resources needed for each task, the time allotted, and any dependencies or milestones.

Project schedule template

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5. Project budget template

Plan and track the financial resources necessary using this project budget template. The pre-filled document outlines all the expenses associated with the project, such as labor costs, materials, equipment, and other related costs.

The template also includes a section for projected revenue or funding sources and an area for any cost overruns.

Project budget template

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5. Quality management plan

This template can create a quality management plan for a specific project or business. It provides a structured format for documenting objectives, standards, responsibilities for project stakeholders, and the methods and tools to monitor and control quality.

Quality management plan template

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6. Stakeholder management plan template

Use the stakeholder management plan template to document how the project team will manage stakeholders' expectations and keep them engaged over the course of the project. With it, you can quickly outline how to address stakeholder interests, needs, and concerns.

Stakeholder management plan template

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8. Communication plan template

Keep your team and stakeholders informed and up-to-date on the progress and status of the project using the communication plan template.

Project communication plan template

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9. Project milestone template

Track the progress of a project and ensure that it is on track to meet its goals using the project milestone template. Outline a project's significant achievements or critical points as it progresses so stakeholders can make informed decisions about its direction.

Project milestone template

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10. Gantt chart template

Plan and track the progress of your project, and identify potential issues or delays before they become problems using the Gantt chart template. Gantt chart templates visually represent a project's schedule and display the tasks, dependencies, and milestones.

Gantt chart template

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11. Work breakdown structure template

This work breakdown structure template slices a project into smaller tasks and subtasks. Define the scope, organize, and manage project work with this template.

Work breakdown structure template

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See more about what goes into a successful WBS plus more work breakdown structure templates.

12. Project resource plan template

The project resource plan template helps you allocate tasks to the people with the suitable capacity and skills. Document and outline the resources required to complete your project.

Project resource plan template

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➡️ Check out some more free resource planning templates you can easily customize and use for your next project.

13. RACI chart template

Clearly define roles and responsibilities for completing a project or task with the RACI chart template. Clarify task responsibilities, decision-making roles, and oversight duties before getting started.

RACI chart template

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14. Risk register template

Use the risk register template to identify, assess, and prioritize project risks. Track and manage potential risks that could impact project success, and ensure your team takes the necessary steps to mitigate them.

Risk register template

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15. Change control log template

Use the change control log template to track and document the changes that occur throughout your project. Get visibility into the project progress, ensure accountability for any adjustments made along the way, and confirm that any changes align with the overarching project goals.

Change control log template

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You can also check out some of our free work plan templates to manage resources, milestones, budgets, and other resources from one place.


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Why should you use a project planner template?

Project plan templates are essential because they provide a structured approach to managing projects. By using a template, project managers can ensure that all tasks are accounted for and that no critical steps are missed. It can also reduce errors, reduce design time, and help create consistent documents.

What should be in a project plan template?

Your project plan template can be as straightforward or complex as you want it to be. That being said, most project planner templates contain documents for:

  • Schedule management
  • Communication management
  • Scope management
  • Cost management
  • Quality management
  • Resource management
  • Change management
How do I write a project plan?

To create an effective project plan, follow the steps below:

  1. Start by setting goals and tasks with input from stakeholders, team leaders, and your team.
  2. Next, create realistic deliverables by plotting the tasks onto a project timeline and consulting your team.
  3. Set a work breakdown structure by starting with the end goal and working towards smaller tasks.
  4. Plan resources by allocating tasks throughout the team and maximizing budget spend.
  5. Define task dependencies and bottlenecks by identifying which project tasks depend on what resources.
  6. Run a risk assessment to prepare for when projects go differently than planned.
  7. Finally, plot your project on a final timeline after collecting information from your team about availability issues, instructions needed, etc.