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Social Chain saves 4 hours per week and eliminates double booking with Float

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Jamie Bryan joined Social Chain in 2015, in the early days of building and managing the creative design team and producing innovative content. Fast forward five years and Social Chain is now a global social media powerhouse with more than 500 team members located in Manchester, London, New York, Munich, and Berlin.

As Social Chain’s Head of Design, Jamie was responsible for keeping a team of designers, illustrators, and photographers on track and in sync. Renowned for its vibrant culture and passion for social media technology, Jamie says that Social Chain exists “to keep brands at the forefront of what is possible.”

The Social Chain team in the office
The Social Chain team in the office

The team struggled with double-handling and needed a tool to handle their growing workflow

Employees work in cross-functional teams across multiple projects at a time and they needed a system to manage the team’s growing workflow.

“Back in our startup days, our design booking system relied solely on email communication. One morning, we found ourselves both working on the same project, without realizing another team member was already onto it! That was when we realized we needed an organized solution to help manage our schedule and balance our workload,” says Jamie.

Social Chain employees at desks
Social Chain team at the office
As we got busier, and the team and business grew, we knew we needed a software tool that could help us manage our workflow, and more importantly, our expectations of each other.

Float’s visual schedule helped them manage the team’s growing workflow

Today, Float is an integral part of Social Chain’s operations. The accounts and project teams have full transparency of the schedule and are able to plan campaigns around their team’s existing and future workload. Seeing the upcoming project pipeline and resource capacity in one place helps the team plan for future hires ahead of time.

Social Chain saves 4 hours daily and eliminates double booking with Float

After a few weeks of rolling out Float, Jamie saw that the email double handling ceased and the resource booking process improved exponentially. "We began to save at least four hours a week on average."

Float gives them a visual indication of their team’s time.

The ability to visualize all the moving pieces and parts in Social Chain’s growing team and project workload was a critical factor in choosing a resource management solution. “Being able to visualize our workload in a timeline, in all of Float’s color-coded glory, gave us much needed structure during a period of intense growth,” says Jamie. “It helped us set boundaries for the work we continued to take on, to identify where we needed to hire resources, and also gave us a new perspective on how we valued our time.”

Every project and scheduled resource is managed through Float. To put it simply, if it’s not in Float, it’s not getting done!

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