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  • By Jess Thompson14th December 2022

    Time Tracking

Coming soon: A task timer to keep track of time entries without relying on memory

Scheduling work and tracking time in separate apps can add up fast, and can create data sync issues. Starting the timer based on your scheduled tasks directly in Float means you don’t have to add project details for every task you time, and there’s no need to export task durations to timesheets. You can compare your estimates to actuals without worrying about any data being lost between tools.

More accurate billing and payroll with specific time entries 

Timed tasks provide precision for fair billing and payroll. Admins can choose to lock logged time after a defined period to prevent changes being made to logged entries, and timesheets can be exported to your billing tool for quick and easy invoicing.

Set the timer from your desktop or your browser

From early next year, you’ll be able to start a timer on tasks directly in Float or on your computer by downloading our new desktop app timer. A timer for the iOS and Android mobile apps will follow later in 2023. 

With the Windows or Mac desktop task timer installed, you can see and start the timer on all your planned tasks for the day with prefilled project and client details. (Unplanned tasks can also be added and timed as needed.) 

All timed tasks are automatically logged as timesheet entries in Float—freeing up Friday afternoons from timesheet editing!

Use Float free for the duration of your contract with an alternative time tracking tool

Do you use another tool for time tracking today? Switch to Float for free for the duration of your existing contract! Plus, depending on your team size, you could save thousands of dollars per year with Float compared to other leading brands. For reference, here’s how much could save for 10 seats resource planning and time tracking with Float*, compared to:

*Pricing per December 2022

Interested in a contract credit? Book a call with our sales team today or reach out directly to your Float account manager.

The timer will be available to all teams on a Time Tracking plan and is included free during your trial. Existing Float customers on Resource Planning only can try Time Tracking for free by enabling it from the Plans & billing page in your team settings. 

Want to find out if time tracking with Float is right for your team? Book a call with us today!