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Significa enhanced allocation tracking and improved billing accuracy with Float

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Significa is a full-service software company that takes ideas and brings them to life. They handle everything from ideating business models, wireframing, and user interface design to implementation.

The team of 30 designers and software developers is located in Porto, Portugal, and they have worked on several award-winning projects like allO, an app for restaurants, Zoko, an app for e-commerce merchants, and Kota, a website for work benefits for modern teams.

Every project comes with its own complexities, be it managing limited budgets, juggling tight deadlines, and finding the right people for the job.

But Tiago Duarte, the project manager, handles all these seamlessly with Float's help.

Significa team members
Some members of the Significa team

They couldn’t track and manage allocations or monitor budgets

An important part of Tiago's job is to keep everyone—his team and the clients– updated on projects. On a regular day, he informs his stakeholders if the project is on track, what tasks the team is working on, and how much money is left in their budget.

Before using Float, it was hard for him to track what his team was spending time on because he couldn’t monitor allocations. He also couldn't keep an eye on budgets as well as he needed to, which made it hard for him to figure out if there was enough money left for a project or if the budget was almost used up.

Tiago Duarte
Tiago Duarte is the project management lead at Significa

They started using Float for resource allocation and budget control

The Significa team decided to switch to Float from the project management tool they were using—and Float’s schedule and reporting features provided just the solutions they needed.

Budget report in Float
Significa tracks and controls budgets using the report dashboard in Float

Tiago now regularly checks Float, usually on a weekly basis. To ensure accurate allocations, he filters the schedule by teams, like design or software, to see who is working on what.

He relies on the report dashboard so that the accounting and sales departments have all the necessary information to bill clients accurately at the month's end.

We use Float because it solves our problems. It gives me a single place where I can quickly know who's working on what, until when, and how much budget I have left—and then communicate this both to our clients and our accountants so that we can bill the clients properly. It works.

Significa has enhanced allocation tracking and improved billing accuracy

After switching to Float, the results are clear.

The visual schedule in Float made it easy to plan resources, track allocations, and spot changes in availability.

"The biggest thing it helps me with is managing the workforce. I can plan the people into the right projects for the amount of time necessary. I use it as a dashboard to know who's working on what, and until when. If there are upcoming vacations, I will let the client know that it might affect our output."

Tiago also found that the reporting dashboard gave him information to confidently answer budget-related questions, such as: Do I have the budget for this project? Are we running out of budget?

It gives me safety that I know everything is in there. All the work that has been done is recorded there; we don't miss a bill. We don't overcharge the customer. It gives us visibility into the company that we didn't have before.

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