Sync Your Outlook Calendar with Float

Sync Your Outlook Calendar with Float

Our new Outlook Calendar integration lets you seamlessly import events from your calendar into Float. Once you've connected your account, events created in Outlook will automatically be added as tasks to your schedule.

To get started, select My profile settings from the global navigation at the top of Float and click the Integrations tab. You'll be prompted to log into your Outlook account, where you can choose the calendar to connect as well as the Float project you'd like your events added to.

In a matter of seconds, your calendar events will be added to Float alongside your existing tasks. It's really that easy!

For more info on how the integration works, check out this article from our Help Center. Questions or feedback? Reach out to us here.

By Michael Freedman
Content Lead at Float. Movie buff 📽️ and proud plant dad 🌵.