Project Management & Team Scheduling Join Forces in Our New Teamwork Projects Integration

If you've been using Teamwork Projects for your project management needs and Float for your team scheduling needs, the days of running numbers in your head and shuffling back and forth between browser tabs are officially over.

With our new integration, you can quickly sync your data between the two platforms, and add your Teamwork Projects tasks directly to your team's schedules in Float. The integration is two-way, meaning that any changes made to your data in Float will also be reflected in your Teamwork Projects account and vice versa.

To get started, the Account Owner can select Connect Account from the Integrations tab on the Team Settings page in Float (Note: You must also be an Admin in Teamwork to set up the integration). You'll be prompted to choose the Teamwork Projects data you want to sync and given the option to import your existing data into Float.

All of your projects, subtasks, tags, milestones, and people will instantly be added to Float and kept in sync between the two platforms.

Scheduling a task in Float will create a corresponding subtask in Teamwork Projects.

When you change a task's dates or reassign it to someone else in Float, those changes are immediately reflected in Teamwork Projects.

Task hours you've scheduled in Float sync back as estimated time in Teamwork Projects, and marking a task complete in Float does the same in Teamwork—signaling that the work is done.

This new integration lets your harness the superpowers of both Float and Teamwork Projects—allowing you to optimize your projects and resources in real time, and schedule your team's time more accurately than ever before.

For additional info on how the integration works, check out this article. Questions or feedback on the new integration? Reach out to us here.

Looking for a project management tool to work alongside Float?
Take a look at Teamwork Projects, the online tool for managing projects collaboratively. They offer a free trial to get you started.

Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman

Content Lead at Float.

Cleveland, Ohio