Global Agency Productivity Report by Float

We asked over 100 agencies from around the world how they get things done, to find out what the key factors are affecting work productivity within teams.

How to Boost Cross Collaboration in Your Remote Team

We look at the most common issues remote teams face and how they can improve remote work processes to work together more productively.

An Introduction to Remote Project Management

Remote project management differs from more traditional methods. Here are the steps you can take to manage remote projects successfully.

Set a Scheduled Status to Keep Your Team in the Loop

Whether you're working from home, or traveling to a conference the day of a big project deadline, set a status to let your team know.

How Creative Agency Social Chain Uses Float to Create Without Limits

Ever wondered how a world-class agency turn those urgent client requests around so quickly? Find out in this 42-second video. 🔥

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Resource Management Software

Are spreadsheets sending you cross-eyed? Find out how the world's top teams use dedicated software to plan and manage their resources.
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