Siobhan Hayes
Marketing Lead at Float. From the 🌊 of Sydney to big 🍎 NYC.

Creativity Is a Spectrum, and We're All on It

Whether you’re shooting the latest Superbowl ad, coding an app, or analyzing spreadsheetsβ€”all of these projects require us to apply both critical and creative thinking.

Global Agency Productivity Report by Float

We asked over 100 agencies from around the world how they get things done, to find out what the key factors are affecting work productivity within teams.

How Creative Agency Social Chain Uses Float to Create Without Limits

Ever wondered how a world-class agency turn those urgent client requests around so quickly? Find out in this 42-second video. πŸ”₯

Hosting a Successful Remote Team Meetup

Remote team meetups are important to recharge the 'trust battery'. Here's our top tips based on Float's 2019 meetup in Athens, Greece.

10 Essential Tools for Remote Teams

These are the top 10 tools we use at Float to keep the productivity levels high and team culture amped on a daily basis.
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