Michael Freedman
Content Lead at Float. Movie buff 📽️ and proud plant dad 🌵.

Schedule Jobs and Submit Time Sheets With the WorkflowMax Integration

Sync your WorkflowMax data with Float to start scheduling + create time sheets using logged time

Superformula's Iesha Smith Talks Product Design and Working Remotely

Iesha is a UX designer at Superformula—a remote-first digital studio that combines design thinking with engineering excellence.

Introducing 2-way Sync For Google and Outlook Calendar

Add your calendar events to Float and send your Float tasks back to your calendar—at the same time.

Add Public Holidays for an Accurate View of Your Team's Capacity

It's easy to schedule time off across your team without impacting others using the Public Holidays feature.

Orchid Creation's Bruno Alberto on 3D Design and Remote Collaboration

Orchid Creation makes magic happen by building thoughtful & benevolent relationships. Bruno is their 3D designer.

Schedule Your Trello Cards in Float With This New Integration

Trello is the latest project management tool to join our integrations. Find out how to connect your Trello boards and team schedule.
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