Michael Freedman
Content Lead at Float.

New Teamwork Integration With Easy Drag-And-Drop Scheduling

Sync your data from Teamwork and schedule tasks in Float in seconds with this integration.

Sync and Schedule With Our New Jira Integration

If you use Jira for your project management needs and Float for resource scheduling, this integration is for you!

Margaret Gray Gives Us a Glimpse Into Agency Life at MetaLab and Her Career in UX Research

MetaLab have been designing interfaces for some of the world's top tech brands since 2005. We interview their UX Research Director Margaret Gray.

Overit's CMO Lisa Barone on Juggling Her Career with Motherhood + Trusting Your Gut

Over the past 15 years, Lisa has founded and grown several award-winning blogs, started her own content marketing agency, and is now the CMO at Overit.

Slack Notifications App: Get Your Schedule Delivered to Slack

Sync new tasks and track updates in Slack as soon as they happen, and never miss an assignment or deadline again!

Time Tracking Is Here 🎉

Can't remember what you worked on last week? We're removing the guesswork with pre-filled timesheets based on your Float schedule.
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