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Talent Partner Lover of ☕️ and🌲, especially in the wild 🏕. Mother to👯‍♀️ amazing humans.

5 min read

Introducing the Float Handbook for Working Async Remote

Our commitment to transparency and open communication extends beyond just our hiring process. Here's why we've decided to make the Float Handbook public.

5 min read

Challenging Our Hiring Practices as We Grow

Our hiring process has enabled us to find great team members while respecting every candidate’s time. But we're not resting on our laurels.

5 min read

Let's Break up With Cover Letters. Here's Why.

Cover letters are popular, but are they truly valuable for hiring? We think not.

5 min read

How We Hire for Value Add

At Float, our term for a good value add is "hell yes." It's one of the main things we look for in our hiring process.

7 min read

One Size Does Not Fit All: Why We Choose Asynchronous Remote

One of the biggest pitfalls I see with remote work is not committing to it in culture and leadership processes. Effective remote work is built on trust and boundaries.

9 min read

How We Onboard New Team Members Remotely and Async

By the eighth week of onboarding, we see team members settled and confident enough to ask questions, make suggestions, and show their personality on Slack—a people ops dream!

4 min read

Why We List Salaries for Open Roles at Float

Trust starts in the recruitment process, which is why we're open about salary and benefits from the get-go.

5 min read

How the Float Team Lives Our Best Work Life

At Float, we've always been remote. Here's how we support our team to live their best work life working remotely and async.

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