Kimberlee Meier
In a previous life I was an award-winning Australian journalist. Now I live in Edinburgh and write research content for select B2B/SaaS companies. My workshop is located below.

A Quick Guide To Resource Calendars

A resource calendar makes it easy to organize your team and take on new projects with confidence.

How a Gantt Chart Can Help Take Your Projects To the Next Level

Gantt charts make project planning easier by breaking them down into timelines, tasks, & delivery dates.

Workload Management: How To Plan for It in 2021 in 4 Steps

Plan your projects more effectively using the workload management technique.

How to Manage & Overcome Project Scope Creep

Find out how to manage and even prevent project scope creep for your team.

Project Scheduling 101: What It Is + How To Do It

Breaking down projects into tasks and deliverables prevents teams from being overworked and burning out.

A Quick Guide To Project Cost Estimating

Accurate project cost estimating comes down to having a good process so your team can deliver their work on time.
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