Kimberlee Meier
In a previous life I was an award-winning Australian journalist. Now I live in Edinburgh and write research content for select B2B/SaaS companies. My workshop is located below.

How to Deploy Resource Allocation as Your Agency's Secret Weapon

We look at 5 tried and tested ways that you can build an effective resource allocation strategy within your team.

How to Boost Cross Collaboration in Your Remote Team

We look at the most common issues remote teams face and how they can improve remote work processes to work together more productively.

An Introduction to Remote Project Management

Remote project management differs from more traditional methods. Here are the steps you can take to manage remote projects successfully.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Resource Management Software

Are spreadsheets sending you cross-eyed? Find out how the world's top teams use dedicated software to plan and manage their resources.

7 Project Management Techniques to Get Your Team Working Smarter

Choosing the right project management technique can save companies 28 times more money because their output is more reliable.

Time Blocking 101: How It Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

Your team’s productivity relies on optimizing their time. Time blocking is the smartest way to schedule your time to get more done.
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