Kimberlee Meier
In a previous life I was an award-winning Australian journalist. Now I live in Edinburgh and write research content for select B2B/SaaS companies. My workshop is located below.

Capacity Planning: Why It's Important and How to Use It

Capacity planning helps teams create more accurate project plans and resource schedules. Here's how...

What is Resource Utilization and How Can You Calculate It?

Resource utilization measures how productively your team is working, and monitors whether they're being over (or under) worked.

How to Track Your Project Workflow Using a Time Log

Arguably, the most crucial element of a project is accurately capturing how much time your team spends on it. That time spent links directly back to a project’s budget and your team’s productivity.

How Agencies Can Use Project Reporting to Track Progress and Get Results

Reporting is an essential part of tracking your project's progress to get the full picture on your resource capacity, deliverability and budget spend.

How to Maximize Your Agency's Calendar Using Time Scheduling

Time scheduling focuses on being productive instead of busy. Mastering time scheduling means you can take full advantage of every minute of your agency's working schedule.

How to Deploy Resource Allocation as Your Agency's Secret Weapon

We look at 5 tried and tested ways that you can build an effective resource allocation strategy within your team.
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