Glenn Rogers
CEO of Melbournite. Flat white drinker.

Obsessing Over Capacity

Understanding your team's capacity to deliver work is one of the most important, and often under-utilized, metrics when it comes to successful project planning.

What We Stand For

This year I wanted to share publicly what we stand for as an organisation, so our current and future customers can make better decisions on how they spend their money.

Our Annual Team Meetup in Lisbon

Olá! Last month, we took a few days out of our regular schedules to host the annual Float meetup in Lisbon, Portugal.

Introducing Our iOS App

Resource scheduling. Anywhere. We’ve made scheduling tasks and keeping track of your team’s projects easier than ever before with the release of our new iOS app.

Your Privacy and GDPR

How we’re protecting your data, and why this matters.

Schedule Your Own Time With This All New Access Right

This month we’ve introduced new access rights that enable your team to edit their own schedules without impacting anyone else’s.
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