Glenn Rogers
CEO of Melbournite. Flat white drinker.

10 Tips for Applying for a Remote Role at Float

Here’s my best advice to help you improve your odds when applying for a job at Float.

A Message From Float

First up, to our customers: Float is in good shape. Our business foundations are solid, we're fully operational, and as a 100% remote team, the work continues the way we know how. We’

Time Tracking Is Here 🎉

Can't remember what you worked on last week? We're removing the guesswork with pre-filled timesheets based on your Float schedule.

Obsessing Over Capacity

Understanding your team's capacity to deliver work is one of the most important, and often under-utilized, metrics when it comes to successful project planning.

What We Stand For

This year I wanted to share publicly what we stand for as an organisation, so our current and future customers can make better decisions on how they spend their money.

Our Annual Team Meetup in Lisbon

Olá! Last month, we took a few days out of our regular schedules to host the annual Float meetup in Lisbon, Portugal.
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