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Glenn Rogers

CEO & Co-Founder 📍Melbournite. ☕️Flat white drinker.

3 min read

Why We Stopped Checking References For New Hires

When we analyzed the results of our last hires, none were impacted by a reference check. So we've started a different conversation.

3 min read

How We Manage Exchange Rate Fluctuations as a Remote Company

We've introduced a make good exchange rate bonus for global team members.

2 min read

Why We're Changing the Way We Compensate at Float

We've removed all location-based adjustments to team compensation. We now pay team members the same rate, for the same role, wherever you choose to live.

2 min read

Float: Growing Sustainably

The evolution of our mission and vision.

4 min read

10 Tips for Applying for a Remote Role at Float

Here’s my best advice to help you improve your odds when applying for a job at Float.

2 min read

A Message From Float

Our business foundations are solid, we're fully operational, and as a 100% remote team, the work continues the way we know how.

2 min read

Obsessing Over Capacity

Understanding your team's capacity to deliver work is one of the most important, and often under-utilized, metrics when it comes to successful project planning.

3 min read

What We Stand For

Our CEO shares what we stand for as an organization.

2 min read

Our Annual Team Meetup in Lisbon

Olá! Last month, we took a few days out of our regular schedules to host the annual Float meetup in Lisbon, Portugal.

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