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Georgie Roberts

Director of Operations Loves to be in the kitchen πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³ or on a road trip 🚘.

4 min read

Why We’re Introducing New Time Off Policies

Time away from work matters just as much as time at work. Here's why we are increasing our total leave time to 44 days in 2023.

7 min read

Organizing Remote Team Meetups: 5 Essential Things To Consider

As our team grows, so do the complexity and costs of planning our annual team meetup. Getting the location right is just one critical part.

6 min read

How We Gauge Health and Sentiment for a Growing Remote Team

A key focus at Float is the health and well-being of our team. As we scale, we are constantly evolving our processes and pushing ourselves to improve.

6 min read

Our New Family Leave Benefit: Supporting Your Best Work and Family Life

A best work life looks different for all of us, including how we spend time with our families.

6 min read

Our New Async All Hands: The Float Remote Roadshow

We've created a new way to bring everyone together that aligns with us being async-first, is an effective and meaningful use of our time, and is true to our core values as a company.

3 min read

No FOMO Week: Why We're Taking an All-Team Holiday Offline

This year, we are stepping up our focus on building a best work life culture... which includes giving everyone a week to completely switch off.

5 min read

How To Build Culture in a Fully Distributed Remote Team

We're passionate about raising the bar when it comes to supporting our team to live their best work life and building a culture that rallies around that idea.

5 min read

Remote Team Operations and Meetups in 2020

Float's Operations Manager Georgie shares what it's like planning a team meetup during a global pandemic.

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