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Director of Engineering Putting in the 🏃🏻‍♂️ miles for a half marathon and a cold 🍺 at the pub.

4 min read

How To Keep Meets Inclusive in Global Remote Teams

With teammates across the globe, finding a single time for an all-team sync is impossible! Here's how we keep an inclusive and async meeting culture.

6 min read

What We've Learned by Defining OKRs in Engineering

Setting realistic and motivating OKRs is a continuous process of trial, error, and refining.

5 min read

How We Protect Our Team's Time

Respecting team members' time and giving them space to work is essential for productivity and team health. Here's how we do it.

5 min read

Why New Hires Keep Your Team Honest

By being introspective and open-minded, you can gain much more than just a new team member.

10 min read

Building Trust and Rapport as a New Manager in a Remote Async Team

Here's how I approached building trust for a team of 10+ engineers working fully remote across eight time zones.

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