Add Public Holidays for an Accurate View of Your Team's Capacity

Add Public Holidays for an Accurate View of Your Team's Capacity

One thing most people can agree on across countries and cultures is that celebrating special occasions and commemorating events is important. Getting the day off from work to do so is even better!

With the Public Holidays feature, you can schedule country/region-specific holidays to your team without impacting the availability of others.

Public Holidays

If you have a team in Melbourne, Australia and a team in New Orleans, Louisiana you can import the holidays for each location from the Time Off tab within your Team Settings.

Most Melburnians would not be too happy strolling into work on Melbourne Cup Day 🏇 (or the day after for that matter 🍻), and the same is true for New Orleanians on Mardi Gras 🎭.  

Once you've set up your holidays, the days are blocked out for those team members and the holiday names and locations are displayed when you hover over the dates on the Schedule.

Custom Public Holidays

There are thousands of holidays celebrated around the world each year, so you might find yourself in a situation where the specific holiday you're looking for is not among those listed in the region chosen.

Not to worry—that's what the new custom holiday option is for.

You can add custom holidays when you set up your initial public holidays, or later on by clicking Actions > Add custom holiday.

Team Holidays and Individual Time Off

Public Holidays aren't the only way to quickly schedule time off for your team. If you want to add a company-wide holiday, you can use the Team Holidays option.

Adding a team holiday blocks out the dates for everyone on your team.

You can also assign regular time off (vacation, sick leave, travel days, etc.), to one or more people directly from the task creation menu on the Schedule.

For more on Public Holidays, check out this help article. Questions or feedback? Reach out to us.

By Michael Freedman
Content Lead at Float. Movie buff 📽️ and proud plant dad 🌵.