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The Top 7 Management Tools for Agencies in 2020

Your agency's workflow is critical to productivity. The right tools can help your agency team to deliver their best work. Here's how.

Simplify Your Resource Scheduling Workflow with Our Asana Integration

Connect your people and projects from Asana and drag and drop to create new tasks in Float.

Introducing Multi-Assign & Bulk Edits for Smarter Scheduling

Schedule a task for your whole team, and make updates to multiple people and projects at once.

Capacity Planning: Why It's Important and How to Use It

The success of an agency's workflow hinges on a careful balance of supply and demand. This comes down to smart capacity planning.

Easy Drag-And-Drop Scheduling With Our Teamwork Integration

Import your projects and resources from Teamwork and start scheduling tasks in Float in seconds.

Sync and Schedule With Our Jira Integration

If you use Jira for your project management needs and Float for resource scheduling, this integration is for you.
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