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We’re a fully remote team working async around the world. Learn the tools, processes, and culture that enables us to be productive and live our best work life.

5 min read

Traveling With a Young Baby to Our Company Meetup

Returning to work just four months after birth, it was a special experience to bring my young family to our 2023 Float meetup.

  • Emily Bhattacharya's profile photo
  • By Emily Bhattacharya

    Senior Account Manager

8 min read

Tackling Technical Debt

Strategies, practical approaches, and a real life example of managing technical debt within a growing engineering team and SaaS business.

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  • By Christian de Witt  and Haakon Jack

5 min read

Raising the Bar: A Year of Enhancing our Onboarding Experience

In the last 12 months, we've launched and refined a live training program that continues to evolve. Here's how.

  • Brittney Barroso's profile photo
  • By Brittney Barroso

    Onboarding Specialist

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9 min read

Overcoming Shyness in Remote Teams

Shyness can stand between us and our best work life. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are the simple steps I take every day that help me overcome shyness in an async remote team.

  • Stella Inabo's profile photo
  • By Stella Inabo

    Content Writer

8 min read

Giving our Team Generous Agency Over Their Time

Empowering everyone on your team to have agency over their time is key to wellbeing and productivity. Here's how we seek to provide agency to each team member at Float.

  • Georgie Roberts's profile photo
  • By Georgie Roberts

    Director of Operations

3 min read

Shipping UX Wins: The Building Blocks for Continuous Product Improvement

Prioritizing UX wins is crucial for delivering exceptional user experiences in SaaS and fostering cross-department collaboration.

  • Tony Rule's profile photo
  • By Tony Rule

    Former Senior Technical Product Manager

4 min read

Why We Prioritize Flexibility Over a Four-Day Workweek

The key to an effective and productive team isn't a four-day workweek but a fully-remote workforce and a flexible schedule.

  • Glenn Rogers's profile photo
  • By Glenn Rogers

    CEO & Co-Founder

5 min read

How to Build a Strong, Connected Remote Team of 50+ People

Working remotely can feel lonely and disconnected at times. Virtual spaces and group experiences help bring our team closer together.

  • Romina Aranzola's profile photo
  • By Romina Aranzola

    Talent & Experience Coordinator

5 min read

Introducing the Float Handbook for Working Async Remote

Our commitment to transparency and open communication extends beyond just our hiring process. Here's why we've decided to make the Float Handbook public.

  • Linda Biggs's profile photo
  • By Linda Biggs

    Talent Partner

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