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We’re a fully remote team working async around the world. Learn the tools, processes, and culture that enables us to be productive and live our best work life.

6 min read

How We Make the Most of Our Time by Working Async

Asynchronous communication is the default for all team members and all messages at Float. It's how we're able to manage our time effectively, to do our best work.

10 min read

Building Trust and Rapport as a New Manager in a Remote Async Team

Here's how I approached building trust for a team of 10+ engineers working fully remote across eight time zones.

6 min read

Keeping the Trust Battery Charged in Remote Teams

When you're working fully remote and async, keeping the trust battery charged is as critical as it is challenging.

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9 min read

How We Onboard New Team Members Remotely and Async

By the eighth week of onboarding, we see team members settled and confident enough to ask questions, make suggestions, and show their personality on Slack—a people ops dream!

7 min read

Building a Brand That Represents Your Values

Values give your brand a purpose and when you get it right, it serves as both the foundation and inspiration for your decision-making.

3 min read

Why We Stopped Checking References For New Hires

When we analyzed the results of our last hires, none were impacted by a reference check. So we've started a different conversation.

5 min read

How to Build Culture in a Fully Distributed Remote Team

We're passionate about raising the bar when it comes to supporting our team to live their best work life and building a culture that rallies around that idea.

7 min read

How We Use Code Sharing To Make Feature Development Easier

It might seem tricky to find sharable places and align different technologies, but the advantages are worth it.

4 min read

Why We List Salaries for Open Roles at Float

Trust starts in the recruitment process, which is why we're open about salary and benefits from the get-go.

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