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  • 11th October 2023

    Time Tracking

A new in-app Timer that automatically logs your recorded time as entries in Float

Keeping track of your time spent is easy with our new Time Tracking Timer. Start when you begin work, stop when you finish, and your recorded hours will be automatically logged as time entries! Need to make changes? Simply edit your recorded time before logging them.

Give it a try! The Timer is live for all Pro plan teams.

👉 Learn more about how it works here.

1. Go to the Log time page.

2. Click one of the logged time suggestions (from your pre-filled scheduled allocations).

3. Click on the play button to start the timer.

You'll see the timer running in the sidebar menu in Float.

Join a 30-minute time-tracking training session with live Q&A

Onboarding Specialist Brittney will be running a live training session on how time tracking works in Float, including a walk through of the new in-app timer! Find out more and register here.