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  • Michael Freedman
  • By Michael Freedman15th July 2021

    Project Planning


Sync your scheduled status with Slack to keep your team in the loop

Share your scheduled status across Float and Slack to give your team even greater visibility into where everyone is working from.

Scheduling a status in Float helps keep distributed teams in the loop and ensures that logistics don't get in the way of productivity.

The Float Notifications app for Slack sends your team a copy of their work schedule, lets them know whenever a project changes, automates reminders to log their time, and now syncs their scheduled status in Float to their profile status in Slack.

Connect Float notifications with Slack

You can connect to Slack from the Notifications tab within Float or from the Slack App Directory. You must appear on the Schedule in order to connect to Slack. 

Set a scheduled status

To set a status in Float that syncs with Slack, click a date on your Schedule and select the Status tab from the menu.

There are two suggested statuses available, and an open space for setting a custom status. 

A person's status appears in four places:  

  • At the bottom of the day a status has been set
  • Next to a person’s avatar if a status is set for the current day
  • In the daily or weekly schedule email below a person's tasks and time off
  • On the status tab next to a person's name in Slack

For more on setting a status in Float, check out this help article.

View your Float schedule in Slack

The Home tab in Slack shows you a live view of your schedule for the day. Whenever a change is made in Float, it's instantly reflected here. 

You can view your schedule for tomorrow, or check out your assigned tasks for any date in the future.

The Messages tab in Slack is where all of your schedule changes and notifications live. See a history of who changed what, and receive alerts whenever a new task is added to your schedule or an existing task is updated. 

As with email and push notifications, notifications are sent to Slack every hour for any updates you haven't already seen in Float. 

If your team is using time tracking, you can also receive a helpful reminder directly in Slack to log your hours.

For more on how the Slack Notifications app works, check out this help article.