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  • Michael
  • By Michael Freedman25th January 2022

    Project Planning


    Time Tracking

Plan projects faster with custom templates + track work more consistently with locked task lists

We've introduced project templates in Float to help you plan, schedule, and scale projects faster. We've also added the option to lock a project's task list to help keep your team in sync when tracking and invoicing work.

  • Plan work in less time by saving your favorite projects as templates
  • Schedule more consistently with standardized task lists
  • Track and bill projects more accurately by limiting your team to specific task names

Create a project template

From the Projects view on the Manage page, click Manage templates to create a new template or edit an existing one.

Manage project templates in Float

Enter any relevant project info, add your team, and create your tasks. You'll see the same details each time you select the template, so it's up to you how specific to get.

Add a project in Float

To create a new template from one of your existing projects, click the project menu and then select Actions > Create template from project.

Once you've created a template, you'll be able to use it whenever you add a new project.

Project templates in Float

Lock a project task list

Locking a project's task list helps your team plan and complete their work more efficiently. Once you've added tasks to a project, check the Lock task list box to prevent new tasks from being added to the specific project.

When working on the project, your team will only be able to schedule tasks or log time from the approved list.

Lock tasks lists in Float

This is especially valuable for teams who require consistent task names for accurate invoicing when integrating with their finance tools. Find out more about integrating Float with Quickbooks, Xero Projects, and other project management tools.

Admin control over tags

We've also added a new tags page within the Team settings to help you manage your existing people and project tags more effectively. The Account Owner, Admins, and Department Managers can edit tag names, correct spelling mistakes, and delete tags that are no longer needed.

Questions or feedback about these new features? Reach out to us at!