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  • Michael Freedman
  • By Michael Freedman19th September 2019


Our new supercharged schedule is here

Float's supercharged schedule

We've launched a brand new version of the schedule that includes smoother scrolling, more interactive elements, and upgraded performance for teams big and small.

This new schedule enhances the features that you use the most, introduces a few new ones that we hope you love, and solidifies our commitment to delivering the fastest and simplest resource planner on the planet 🌎.

Preview before splitting

We've added the ability to preview where your task is split before it happens. Select the split option from the right-click menu or by using the keyboard shortcut "S".

A clearer picture of overtime

See exactly where your team's daily work hours end and overtime begins with our updated overtime indicator. Drag a task vertically to expand it, and once you hit a person's hours limit for the day, the overtime indicator will turn a darker shade of red.

Improved custom sorting

The custom sort order lets you view your team in whatever order you want. We've made it faster, as people and their tasks now all move at once.

Sneak a peak at notes

Never miss an important note again with our upgraded note preview. Simply hover over a task that contains a note icon to read what's inside.

Right-click to delete tasks

No more bumbling around looking for a way to delete tasks that are no longer needed. With our new right-click menu option, you can quickly blast unwanted tasks into oblivion.

Right-click to mark tasks complete

The other new right-click menu option lets you mark tasks complete when they are done being worked on. Not only will they look different on the schedule, they can also be filtered and isolated in your reports.

Faster scrolling and schedule management

Scroll forward and backward and up and down your schedule, move tasks around with impunity, or apply multiple filters to drill down your team's time—all without a hitch. We've introduced native scrolling and upgraded our architecture so that we're better equipped to handle whatever data you throw at us.