Sub-departments let you create mini-teams within teams in Float

Start nesting teams within teams by adding sub-departments. Sub-departments let you set up your team precisely how you want and provide greater flexibility over your org.

The manager role in Float allows you to cherry-pick permissions based on your organization's hierarchy and structure and decide who and what each person can manage—assigning a new sub-department to a manager will give them the ability to:

  • Approve time off for their sub-department team members
  • Filter their Schedule view by sub-department
  • Schedule and reassign work for their sub-department team members

For example, you could create sub-departments for frontend, backend, and mobile engineering teams within the engineering department. This makes it easier for managers to oversee their team members and allocate resources.

Add more hierarchy to your Float account with workspaces

Sub-departments are just the beginning of more hierarchical features coming soon to Float!

We're also exploring adding a new workspaces feature to allow organizations to switch between/share resources across teams. If you're interested in getting an early look at the feature, please contact us at

Centralize your people and projects in Float.

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