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  • By Michael Freedman29th April 2021

    Mobile Apps

Meet our new and improved mobile app

We've redesigned the mobile app from the ground up and made it easier to view and schedule tasks, set a status, and log your hours‚ÄĒall in just a few taps!

  • Faster load times and scheduling actions
  • See a daily, 3 day, or weekly view of the schedule
  • One-tap time tracking to log your hours on the go

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We've built a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android that's faster, more intuitive, and all-around better than before.

The new app makes it easy to view and schedule tasks, log your time, and set a status to keep your team in the loop. Changes sync in real time across Float, so you'll always see the latest version of the Schedule no matter where you are.

Assign tasks, schedule time off, and set a status

Tap anywhere on the Schedule or click the Add button (+) in the bottom right corner to bring up the menu and start scheduling. You can assign a task, schedule time off, or set a status from here.

Click the magnifying glass at the top to search and filter the Schedule by project, department, tag, etc.

The Sort by option lets you re-order the Schedule to your liking.

Log your hours with time tracking

Teams using time tracking can log their individual hours by clicking the Log Time tab at the bottom.

Tap a task, verify its hours are accurate and click Create to log your hours.

You can log all of your tasks currently in view by clicking Log all at the bottom.

Change your view and set your preferences

We've added new views to the mobile app so you can see the Schedule in multiple different ways. Click your Profile in the top right corner and then Preferences to change your perspective.

There are three view options to pick from: Day, 3 Day, and Week. You'll only see the selected number of days at a time based on the option you choose.

You can also show or hide the weekends and see your full team's Schedule or just your own.

Additionally, you can pick between a compact or spacious layout for your tasks, depending on how you're feeling that day.  

There are additional views in landscape mode as well to take advantage of the extra space.

In the Day and 3 Day views, you'll see the whole week when you flip to landscape mode. From the Week view, you will now see two weeks at a time.

Let us help you schedule better

Also new is the option to access our Help Center and chat with our Customer Success Team directly from within the mobile app.

We're always happy to answer any questions or help put out any fires ūüĒ•.

Download the Float mobile app today

It's always good news when your app receives positive feedback from users who are also software developers!

"The app is fantastic! It has all the features you expect right where they belong and a sleek and intuitive UI that's lightning fast. I'm a software dev, so I appreciate good user experience, and I think y'all have nailed it." ‚ÄĒ John Kreisher / Software Engineer at¬†Anthroware

Download the app for yourself below and leave a review to let us know what you think.

Download on iOS
Download on Android

Float Mobile App 2.0 - The fastest access to your schedule & timesheets on the go | Product Hunt

For more on how new mobile app works, check out this help article. Questions or feedback? Reach out to us.