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  • By Jess Thompson31st October 2022



A streamlined manager role with flexible permissions and time off approvals

We’re combining project and department manager access into a single Manager role—with personalized permissions that provide clarity around who manages what within your team. Additionally, people managers can now approve time off requests for team members who report directly to them. 

Check out the quick walkthrough below for more on the new Manager access and time off approval workflow.

This update will be applied to all accounts the week of December 5, 2022. Or you can make the switch now and join 1,000+ teams who have already turned on the new permissions! An Admin or Account Owner can click Get Started in your Team settings in Float.

Combining Manager access into one role enables you to cherry-pick permissions based on the hierarchy and structure of your organization. New permissions allow Managers to:  

  • Oversee people, projects, or both (within a single role)
  • Oversee specific people without being in charge of an entire department 
  • Be assigned their own manager to reflect your org chart better
  • Schedule and approve time off for people they manage
  • See sensitive details like project budgets and billable rates (if allowed) 
  • Add people to the schedule and edit existing people (if allowed)

Approve time off in the context of project timelines and capacity

Teams can also enable a new time off approval workflow to coincide with the new Manager role. People managers will receive time off requests for team members who report to them and can either approve or decline them.

This lets your team plan time off in the same place they plan work—providing one source of truth of your team’s time. 

Pro tip: Set up time off policies so your team can request time off and see their available leave balances.

Transitioning to the new Manager role

The new Manager role will not allow anyone to view or edit anything they’re not currently able to. Existing project and department manager permissions will automatically apply, with a few changes.

We recommend reviewing access with your team to ensure you’re making the most of the new permissions and they fit within your roles and team structure. After enabling the new Manager role, you can adjust any permissions from the Manage tab. 

Here’s an overview of where Managers fit with the other roles in Float.

These new, flexible permissions allow you to personalize access in Float to match how your team works. Permissions can be toggled on or off as needed to give Managers everything they need to oversee people and projects effectively.

The time off approval workflow makes it easy for your team to request and approve leave alongside any planned work on the schedule.

Questions about the new Manager role or time off approval? Reach out to us at