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  • By Michael Freedman21st February 2022

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Introducing Plus Pack: Scale accountability and processes across your team with our new add-on

Plus pack is a new paid add-on that gives you enhanced security and management controls for your team.

With plus pack, you can:

  • Enable SAML single sign-on (SSO) through Azure AD, OneLogin, or Okta
  • Require team members to sign in with Google and restrict access to specific email domains
  • Track up to 6 months of team activity and filter by individual people, projects, and actions
  • Lock logged time to prevent changes and improve reporting and billing accuracy

Stay in compliance with the latest security measures

Standardize how your team accesses Float

Plus pack offers a number of new sign-in options to ensure your team follows your organization's security policies.

The account owner can configure SAML single sign-on (SSO) using Azure AD, OneLogin, or Okta from the Security tab within the Team settings. You can require your team to sign in using your identity provider or make it optional for them.

Also new is the ability to require your team to sign in with Google. If not enabled, your team can sign in using either their Google accounts or their Float credentials.

Finally, you can restrict new invitations and limit account access to one or more email domains that your team uses. Anyone not using one of the approved domains will not be able to log into Float.

Track team activity with greater precision using filters

See who changed what and when at a glance

Teams using plus pack can review up to 6 months of team activity and filter by specific projects, people, and actions.

Click the Activity tab within the Team settings as the account owner or an admin and select a date range (or set a custom range) to see the activity over the given timeframe.

Clicking the Filter activity button lets you drill down into an individual project, person, account action, or person who performed an action.

You can also export your activity feed as a CSV file to explore the data outside of Float or keep it for your records.

More accurate reporting and invoicing with locked logged time

Prevent changes to past timesheets

Teams using time tracking can be confident their reporting and bill periods are 100% accurate by locking logged time.

The account owner can set limits on when your team can edit their timesheets from the Lock logged time tab within the Team settings. Select the week, month, or year option and then enter how many days after the chosen period your team's logged hours become locked.

Advanced features for teams who need security and workflow controls at scale

Plus pack helps you stay on top of the latest security and compliance requirements for your team. It's free to try for 30 days on both new and existing accounts.

"This is the first release of plus pack’s advanced management controls. We'll be continuing to roll out more enhanced features suited to managers who need to scale compliance standards and workflow processes across their team." — Tony Rule, Senior Technical Product Manager at Float

Sign up for a new trial or enable plus pack from the Team settings page today!

Have a question or feedback on the new plus pack plan add-on? Reach out to us at