Refreshed date range insights with % option

Refreshed date range insights with percentage option

Before now, Float would calculate utilization based on the amount of scheduled or unscheduled hours; but now we’ve refreshed the “date range insights” feature with the addition of seeing utilization by percentage at a specific period of time for your team!

To show utilization by %, select a date range from the drop down within the Schedule or by clicking and dragging the timeline to highlight the dates you want.

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You can also use date range insights on the Project Plan view to see what % of time each team member is allocated to across projects!

For example, imagine a scenario where your new client has bought 50% of your Senior Designer’s time across 4 weeks. One day, you log into Float and notice they’re at 40% utilization, this gives you the insights and flexibility to add additional allocations — making up for the 10% shortfall.

With this, you can see at a glance which projects you are under or over servicing, helping you make better planning and resourcing decisions.

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