Coming soon: Changes to manager access rights for custom permissions

We’re streamlining manager access rights into a single role with flexible permissions for more clarity and precision around what is managed.

Managing projects or departments isn’t always clear-cut. Combining these access rights with customizable permissions will let you cherry-pick access rights based on the hierarchy and structure of your organization. For example, if Joanna manages Fred, and Fred manages two people, their access rights can be individually tailored to suit their needs.

How does it affect your team?

  • Select individual people you manage without needing to manage a whole department
  • Project managers will no longer be able to schedule time off for everyone—only those they manage
  • Allow managers to edit both people and projects
  • Hide or show sensitive details like budgets, billable rates, and reports to individual managers

We’ll be sharing more details soon! If you have any questions in the meantime, reach out to us at

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