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In-depth guides and articles about resource management, capacity planning, and scheduling with (and without!) Float.
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Project Timelines: How To Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

Learn about the three types of project timelines and see the steps for creating a timeline that works for you.

Resource scheduling: a simple & practical 5-step process

A resource schedule clearly defines who needs to do what and when. Learn how to build one in 5 simple steps.
Content Marketer

What is a project baseline & why is it crucial to project management?

There are three main baselines: scope, schedule, and cost. Here’s how to create them.
Former Senior Content Marketer

7 free and downloadable project proposal templates

Project managers use proposals to sell projects or get funding from decision-makers. Learn how to write persuasive proposals.
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The essence of project portfolio management: a helpful guide

Uncover the key elements of project portfolio management (PPM) and its importance in driving strategy.
Program Manager and Strategy Consultant

How to plan capacity in agile projects in practice

Agile capacity planning helps you determine how much work you can complete in each sprint given the people you have available.
Digital Delivery and Leadership Expert

How To Create and Manage a Project Budget Without Stress

No matter your level or seniority, budget management is an essential skill to master.
Freelance PM Leader and Process Optimization Specialist

Why You Need the Project Discovery Phase and How To Get It Right

Find out why the discovery stage is the key to achieving project goals, and get helpful tips to complete it successfully.
PMP and Agile Leader

The meaning of PMO: what PM offices are all about

A PMO provides structure and support for projects while ensuring they are aligned with the organization's strategy. Here's what you need to know.
PMP and Agile Leader

Meet your project goals with these 5 resource management techniques

Proper resource management practices avoid overallocation, missed deadlines, and unhappy teams. Learn what they are, how they work, and when to use them.
Content Lead

Time at Work

Get exclusive tips on asyncronous work, remote, team culture, and the best tools for productivity
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