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Improve your planning skills with the help of a Float expert. Check out our on-demand training sessions.

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Our mission is to help teams plan their time better! As part of this, we're developing an on-demand training program to support you in becoming a master of resource planning.

To start, we've uploaded video recordings of our most popular onboarding training in 2023, which include participants' Q&A. Watch them below!

⚡️ Float Foundations (30 minutes)

Set your team up for success from day one! We'll walk you through the Admin controls in Float including customizing access rights to your team's needs. Then, we'll guide you through structuring your account to optimize workflows and gain valuable insights by mapping our your team's roles, skills, availability, and other key data variables. By the end of this session, you'll feel confident in reading your Schedule like a pro and ready to start planning!

Best for Admins

📈 Project Power-up (45 minutes)

High-level plans set the course for your team's success. Discover how to make the most of Float's powerful planning features, like project phases, budgets, templates, and using your time tracking data. Access real-time reports and live insights to understand your team's time and make better planning decisions. After this session, you'll be starting all of your high-level project and capacity planning in Float, using it as your main project and capacity planning tool, and leaving extensive task lists to your project management tool.

Best for Admins and Managers

⏰ Time Tracking (30 minutes)

Discover Float's Time Tracking and the new in-app Timer. Explore features like comparing estimates vs. actuals, locking timesheets, and using automatic time logs for recurring tasks.

Best for everyone

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Network and knowledge share with an exceptional group of professional planners all sharing the same passion—raising the bar for planning your team's time with Float!


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