Manage all of your projects from one place.

All the tools you need to keep your projects on track.

Project management features.

Assign a project team.

From the project page you can assign team members to your project, ready to assign them tasks.

Mark important milestones.

Define milestones and phases for your project. These dates appear in the schedule to keep you and your team on track.

Assign a project manager.

Each project has a Project Lead. This person manages the project and has full edit rights.

Billable vs non-billable.

Set projects as billable and non-billable. Separate projects that pay the bills from the one’s that don’t.

Group projects by clients.

Group projects together by their client. Or add custom tags to identify them easily later on.

Add task notes.

Add project tasks and optional notes to give your team guidance. Include links to reference documents.

It's simple, yet robust, with all the right features we need to manage our team's time.

Natasha Eng


Deliver your projects on time.

Manage your project from the schedule with drag and drop task allocation. The reports will keep track of your project hours.