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Resource planning for your WorkflowMax jobs

Connect WorkflowMax with Float to schedule your resources and manage your team capacity across applications.

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Sync your WorkflowMax jobs with the #1 resource planner

Choose the staff and jobs you want to schedule. New WorkflowMax tasks appear instantly in Float as soon as they are created.

Schedule your Workflow Max jobs and people you want to sync with resource management


Drag and drop resource scheduling for your WorkflowMax jobs

Your WorkflowMax jobs are synced in real time to a sidebar in Float. Simply drag and drop tasks directly onto the schedule to assign them to your team.

Automate WorkflowMax time sheets based on logged hours in Float

Submit actual hours worked and logged in Float as time sheet entries in WorkflowMax.


Connect WorkflowMax and Float

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From Float

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab within Team Settings.
  2. Select Connect next to the WorkflowMax icon.
  3. Choose the people and projects you want to schedule and click Connect to WorkflowMax.
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