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Visualize your team's workload

Your Float schedule is where you can plan projects, manage your team's capacity, and monitor overtime and time off.

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Schedule tasks and time off with a single-click

Set the hours, duration, and project name to assign a task to your team. Label a task as tentative if it's not yet confirmed, or let the rest of the team know a task is finished by marking it complete.

Add a task, time off and set a status to a team member

Edit tasks on the fly with drag-and-drop and handy shortcuts

Replace, insert, and split tasks with ease from the right-click menu. Increase or decrease task hours and days by dragging at their edges. Easily copy tasks to other team members by holding down "Shift" and dragging.

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Keep track of changes as they happen

Schedule your team with accuracy and confidence as all changes appear in real time and can be monitored from your team's activity feed.

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