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Eliminate the guesswork and boldly plan ahead

Report on your team's utilization and project progress in real time. Create accurate forecasts based on your team's data to predict the success of your projects.

Set project budgets based on time or fees

Add a project budget to plan and track costs. Monitor your project's up-to-the-minute progress and get notified if you're running over budget to adjust your resources as needed.

Zoomed in shot of setting billable hours and project fees in Float

Add time tracking to compare scheduled with actual hours

Add time tracking to log hours based on your scheduled tasks and see the full picture. Create more accurate project plans by comparing your estimates vs. actuals.

Logged vs scheduled


Report the numbers that matter

From people and projects to departments and clients, you can access all your data via team capacity and project summary reports. Compare billable and non-billable hours, and keep an eye on time off and overtime. See scheduled hours for tentative tasks to create accurate forecasts.

Time tracking reports breakup by tasks, team etc.

Choose the data you want to export

Your projects, your data. Choose from your chart, time, or time tracking data to manage and share your numbers outside of Float.

Export reports as CSV