See who’s busy and who's not at a glance

Manage your team's availability in one shared view. Set individual works hours, add public holidays, and schedule time off to accurately reflect your team's capacity.

Screenshot of Float and viewing your team by people, roles, departments and tags.

Add job titles, departments, and tags

Know who's who by adding job titles, organize your team into searchable groups by assigning departments, and identify skills and locations by adding tags.

Set work hours at a team and individual level

Set your team's default hours and days or customize each team member's individual days and hours. Mark team members as contractors in order to keep them separate in your reporting.

Set a scheduled status to keep your team in the loop

Whether you're working from home, traveling to a conference, or simply out of the office, setting a scheduled status lets your team know where you are and what you're up to.

Scheduled status screenshot

Plan for future hires and tasks by adding unassigned roles

Plan for new hires or contractors with the use of unassigned roles, or store tasks that are waiting to to be confirmed.

Zoomed in shot of unassigned roles and tasks in Float

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