Join our global team

We’re a fully remote, diverse team, working from all parts of the world.

We're 100% remote

We hire on merit, not location. Choose where you work and live your best life.

Float team benefits

We’re passionate about setting our team up for success. All Float employees have access to:

  • Team liquidity pool
  • Annual Float team meetup
  • Co-working space expense budget
  • Health & fitness expense budget
  • Home office expense budget
  • Monthly book club

We don't currently have any open roles

Our recruitment process

1. Let’s introduce ourselves 
If we think you could be a good fit, we will connect with you to chat about Float and answer any questions you have. We will touch briefly on your experience and why you want to join our team. This is usually a quick 30-minute video call.
2. Technical interview with the team
The structure of this interview depends on the role, however, for some positions, this could include a live coding test and hypothetical design scenario. You will meet with two members of the relevant team you are joining. This usually takes around an hour.
3. Meet our founders
You will be invited to a video call with Float’s CEO and co-founder, Glenn. Lars, our CTO and co-founder, will join if you haven’t met him already.
4. Reference checks
We’ll want to chat to your previous managers and co-workers from suitable businesses and your most recent roles, where possible. This is a quick call or short email response depending on location.
5. Let’s work together!
We’ll make you an official offer for the role. We’ll also tee up a video call to go through all of the details with you.

Our team values

We're all about owning it

From soup to nuts, we're each accountable for our work and our responsibilities. We're supportive in providing open and honest feedback where necessary because it helps us to improve.

Care for each other

We recognize and respect each other's headspace, offer support, and inspire one another, so we all feel valued and driven to be our best selves.

Driven by passion & purpose

We demonstrate care for our craft and believe that to be best in class requires being deliberate and focused.

Care about the customer

Our customers are real people, just like us. We respectfully listen to their needs and are empathetic to their problems and challenges in their workplace. We treat all our customers equally and value their time and work.

Keeping it simple

As much as we're adding features and growing as a business, we also actively seek ways to reduce our processes and minimize product bloat. We look for opportunities to be more productive and less wasteful.

Care for yourself

At the end of the day, work-life is life. It’s important that we look after ourselves and stay healthy.