Mike + Phil


"We enjoy what we do and believe it really does make a difference, so why waste our time doing things we don’t love?"

Ryan + Luke

Berry Cinema

"You make mistakes along the way, but you’ve got to learn from them too. Help comes in heavy from the inspirational people around you."

Adam Harris

NZ Digital

"If you can balance the needs of your clients, your business, and still have the flexibility to do work that matters, you are on the right track."

Dmitry + Anton


"We try to instill a remote working culture as much as we can, because great talent can come from anywhere in the world."

Matt + Kristen + Joe

Red Six Media

"There are late nights, tough lessons, and maybe even a little heartbreak ahead—but nothing beats doing what you love for a living and doing it your way."

Simon Bos


"Our projects are pretty varied—which is hugely enjoyable and keeps things fresh—but it also means that it’s impossible to use the same approach every time."
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