Ivellisse Morales


"The pandemic is inviting us to revisit these business norms that were never human to begin with. We are humans, not robots!"

Vincent Bragg


"Where most people see a bank robber, we see a strategist; where some see a drug dealer, we see a logistics expert."

Jonathan Emmins


"We pride ourselves on being a home for creative people and clients. We know we're only as good as the talented individuals that call Amplify home."

Chris Jefford


"We’re not interested in being brought in to ask the same questions and deliver the same answers, or to work with brands that want to maintain the status quo."

Brendan Jarvis

The Space InBetween

"Something I know for certain is that it’s easy to start an agency. It’s much harder to keep it going."

Gernot + Mike


"We are a yes agency at heart, and yes agencies have a hard time learning to say no."
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