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A love of good coffee, and great product

In 2011 at an ad agency in New York, Glenn Rogers and Lars Gelfan bonded over Aeropress coffee and a love of building products. In between delivering work for world-leading brands, they'd lament on why the planning process was such a struggle. The humble spreadsheet, with all its clever-but-broken formulas, wasn't efficient nor sustainable. Teams were overallocated or overwhelmed (often both), and there wasn't anywhere to easily see everyone's capacity.

And so their passion for product was channeled into building Float. A fast, collaborative, cloud-based solution—that's visual. A tool that gives you an accurate view of your team's capacity, to make better decisions for planning project work.

Values that serve our team,

and our customers

We keep ourselves accountable to these values so we can do our best work and build an awesome product.

We're committed to making a positive impact

We aim to contribute positively to our team, customers, the environment, and the remote community.

B Corp

We're accountable to the B Corp framework that ensures our business acts as a force for good. We received our certification on March 8th, 2024.

GDPR & SOC2 compliant

The security and privacy of our customers are a priority. Float personal data protection is backed by GDPR and SOC2 compliance.

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