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  • By Jess Thompson2nd November 2022


New time off approvals let you manage availability alongside your planned work

Time off can now be requested and approved directly on the schedule in Float, with a complete view of your team’s planned work, time off, and capacity. No more switching between different tools and calendars—all the essential details are now in one place!

Time off approval gives you more influence over your team's time and helps avoid ambiguity on the schedule. A clear view of approved time off makes it easy to adapt your project plans around your team's leave and keep work on track. 

A simple approval process to manage time off directly on the schedule

Anyone can add a time off request to the schedule. Set the hours and duration, pick a time off type, and add an optional note. The request is then sent to the team member's manager for approval.

Pro tip: Loop in additional teammates on time off requests with @mentions.

Managers receive an email notification when someone on their team requests time off. They can approve or decline the request and add an optional note for the team member.

See tentative and approved time off alongside project timelines and capacity

Approved time off is added to the schedule as a confirmed task that deducts hours from the team member's remaining availability.

If the request is declined, the time off will appear on the schedule as a tentative task that can be adjusted (and resubmitted for approval) or removed entirely. Tentative tasks appear as non-billable within your reporting.

If you are on an existing team, an Admin or the Account Owner can enable time off approvals in your Team settings (new teams will have the feature turned on by default). You can toggle time off approvals on or off in the future without impacting the schedule.

Time off approvals help provide a complete and accurate view of your team's capacity in Float. The approval workflow ensures that the correct leave type is selected, leading to more precise reporting.

Empower your team to be more accountable with their time by enabling time off approvals today!

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