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  • Michael
  • By Michael Freedman24th March 2021

    Project Planning


Share your schedule outside of Float

Our new share a link feature provides a live view of your team's Schedule without needing to log into Float. Share the full Schedule, or restrict the view to a project, client, or department.

From the Share drop-down, select the view you want to share, pick a display setting, and generate a new link.

Your link can be shared with anyone who needs visibility, and will remain active indefinitely (or until it's regenerated).

Changes made to your Schedule are reflected in your shared link, so there's no need to create a new one each time a project is updated.

Access to share a link is restricted to the account owner initially, but they can turn the feature on for the rest of the team from the settings menu.

The view options for each person are based on their individual access rights in Float. If a person has access to view only their own Schedule, for instance, any link they share will be limited to that view as well.

Sharing a link lets you give your co-workers, clients, and other collaborators real-time visibility into your projects and capacity, and will help you increase teamwork across the board.

Questions or feedback about the new share a link feature? Reach out to us.