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  • By Michael Freedman7th September 2021

    Project Planning


Keep track of your team’s leave by setting a time off policy

We've introduced time off policies to help you manage your team's vacation, sick days, and other time off that's scheduled in Float.

Each person's leave balance is displayed in real time as they are scheduling it, so your team will always know if they are over or under their allocation.

Additionally, your team's remaining balance, the days and hours that they've scheduled, and the total percentage of time off used are automatically tracked in your reports for quick and easy leave management.

Set a time off policy

To set a new time off policy, navigate to your Team Settings (as an Admin or above), select the Time Off tab, hover over the time off type, and click Edit.

There are five balance options to choose from:

  1. Unlimited
  2. Accrued per calendar year
  3. Accrued per work anniversary
  4. Granted upfront per calendar year
  5. Granted upfront per work anniversary

For more on each of the different balance types, check out this help article.

Scheduling time off

Click anywhere on the Schedule to bring up the time off menu.

Time off that is granted upfront is available in full to each team member at the start of the year (or the start of their work anniversary), and the person's remaining balance is shown when scheduling.

Accrued time off is earned over time, and your team will see how much time off they've earned up to the current date, as well as the time off they will have earned on the date they are scheduling. This makes it easy to future-proof time off and ensures that nobody will ever go over budget.

Track your team's time off

Your team's time off and remaining balances are easy to keep track of within Reports. In addition to the total days and hours scheduled, the Time Off tab now includes two new columns:

  • Balance - The aggregate number of days scheduled to date for everyone in view
  • % - The number of days scheduled divided by the total balance