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  • Michael Freedman
  • By Michael Freedman29th June 2020


Easy drag-and-drop scheduling with our Teamwork integration

If you've been using Teamwork for your project management needs and Float for resource scheduling, you can simplify your workflow with our all new integration.

Teamwork tasks live in a new sidebar in Float that can be accessed whenever you need to assign a task to a team member or want an overview of your projects.

Get connected

The account owner can connect to Teamwork from the integrations tab within your team settings.

Choose to import all of your people and projects from Teamwork, or select just the ones you want to schedule in Float.

Assign tasks to your team

To schedule a new task, just drag and drop it from the sidebar onto a team member's schedule (easy, right?).

Task hours are based on the person's set work hours for the day. If they normally work 8 hours, any task scheduled will be 8 hours long, etc.

Tasks do not disappear from the sidebar and can be scheduled as often as needed. A white dot appears next to the task once it's been scheduled to help you keep track of which Teamwork tasks have been assigned.

You can contract projects to hide their tasks from the sidebar, or use the search to quickly find a specific project, task, or assignee.

Tasks can also be viewed directly in Teamwork by clicking on the schedule and selecting "View in Teamwork".

Any changes you make will be instantly reflected on the sidebar, but will not impact tasks that have already been scheduled in Float.

Tasks that have been assigned previously in Teamwork will display the person's avatar on the sidebar, making it easy to add the task to the team member in Float.

Log your time

Time tracking also works with the Teamwork integration. When you drag and drop a task onto a team member's timesheet, the time is instantly logged in Float and available for review in your reports.

For additional info on how the Teamwork integration works, check out this help article.