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Schedule & time tracking notifications in Slack 

Receive personalized messages directly in Slack whenever a new task is added to your work schedule, an existing task is updated, or you need a nudge to log your time. Never miss a deadline again!

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Stay on top of important changes

Connect your team’s Slack account from the notifications tab in Float. Simply authenticate your credentials and you’re ready to start receiving schedule updates.



Personalize your notifications

Receive your schedule in Slack daily or weekly at a time that's convenient to you. If your team uses time tracking, you can also schedule a reminder to log your time.

Sync your status between apps

Schedule a status in Float to let everyone know where you're working from and when. Sync your Float status to your profile in Slack to keep distributed teams in the loop.


Connect Slack and Float

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From Slack

  1. Select Add apps.
  2. Search for Float in the directory.
  3. Click Configure and authenticate your credentials.

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From Float

  1. Select Settings and then Notifications.
  2. Click Connect Slack.
  3. Manage your app settings directly within Slack.
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