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Resource management that syncs with Outlook

Connect Outlook Calendar with Float to seamlessly track and manage your team’s capacity. Send your Float tasks to Outlook and your calendar events back to Float, for truly accurate planning across applications.

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A live view of your team’s availability

Get the full picture of your project resource availability, at any time. Choose the Outlook Calendar you want to connect and the events and tasks you want to sync.


Sync Google Calendar events with resourcing

Automatically sync new calendar events and assigned tasks

New events added to your Outlook Calendar appear instantly on your team’s schedule in Float. Choose whether to set two-way sync and send newly assigned tasks in Float directly back to your Outlook Calendar.

Unsync or delete tasks at any time

If a calendar event is no longer relevant, you can unsync or delete it from your schedule in 1-click.


Connect Outlook Calendar and Float

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From Float

  1. Select Settings and then Calendar Integrations.
  2. Choose to import your calendar events, export your scheduled tasks, or do both!
  3. Click Save to sync your calendar with Float.
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