Introducing Our Slack App

Introducing Our Slack App

Happy New Year! It’s still okay to say that, right? We’re kicking off 2018 with an all-new Slack app, a zoomed in schedule view, and a new round of API enhancements that make Float even more accessible.

The new Slack app helps you stay on top of schedule changes by sending live updates to a Slack channel whenever activity occurs.

Did a task deadline change? Has a team member scheduled sick leave? Now you can be the first to know. Account owners can add the app from the Account Settings Integrations section.

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Get into the detail with our new zoom view

We’ve added a new zoom height this month so that you can get more up close and personal with your task assignments. Find it by selecting the magnifying glass in the lower right-hand side of the Schedule page.

This new height also paves the way for a 15-minute booking option, which will be available before you know it.

API V3: Enhanced

Still using API V1? Put those New Year’s resolutions to good use and upgrade to API V3 in 2018. We’ve just added a new set of enhancements to POST task names for projects, POST and GET project teams, and the option to GET people by a specific department or a project by client.

View the API V3 Documentation

In the news

We’ve started the year with several mention-worthy mentions:

  • We were crowned #1 in resource management software over at
  • Time Doctor has listed us as a top scheduling tool for productive teams.
  • Build gave us a shout out as their scheduling tool of choice in Creative Review’s Productive Year Ahead list.

Whether you’re hibernating away the cold winter, riding the crest of a summer heat wave — or stuck somewhere in between — have a fantastic week from the team!