Remote Work
Tools, tips and processes for remote teams.

Why We List Salaries for Open Roles at Float

Our goal is to help create a workplace where everyone can thrive and do their best work.

Achieving SOC2 Compliance as a Fully Remote Organization

We're officially SOC2 Type 1 compliant. Find out what it took for us to reach this milestone.

How To Create a Culture With Fewer Meetings and More Time for Deep Work

Here are some practical tips on how to have fewer meetings and free up more time for deep work.

How We Manage Exchange Rate Fluctuations as a Remote Company

We've introduced a make good exchange rate bonus for global team members.

Why We're Changing the Way We Compensate at Float

We've removed all location-based adjustments to team compensation, and now pay team members the same rate, for the same role.

How the Float Team Lives Our Best Work Life

At Float, we've always been remote. That comes as a shock to a lot of people and can make managers and founders nervous.
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