Product Updates
The latest Float product news, features, and updates.

Sync Your Google Calendar Events with Float

Our new Google Calendar integration lets you seamlessly import events from Google Calendar into your Float account. Once you've connected your account, events created in your calendar will automatically be added as tasks

Introducing Project Budgets

We’ve unveiled a new budgets feature this month to help you keep track of all your project hours and costs directly within Float (Adios, spreadsheets; you won't be missed 👋).

Meet Our Fast, Fierce New Schedule

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Schedule that’s faster, smarter, and better than ever before. We’ve introduced infinite scrolling (no more page loads!), you can stack tasks and time off in the exact order you want within a day, and expand tasks up and down.

Try Our New Trio of Task Features

This month we’ve introduced three new features to help make planning and completing tasks even easier.

Our New Unassigned Roles Make Scheduling a Breeze

This month we’ve introduced Unassigned Roles to help you plan and store future tasks. We’ve also added a 15 minute task option.

Introducing Our iOS App

Resource scheduling. Anywhere. We’ve made scheduling tasks and keeping track of your team’s projects easier than ever before with the release of our new iOS app.
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