Product Updates
The latest Float product news, features, and updates.

Schedule Your Trello Cards in Float With This New Integration

Trello is the latest project management tool to join our integrations. Find out how to connect your Trello boards and team schedule.

New Reports Let You Get up Close and Personal With Your Data

More data, updated charts, and new export options are a few of the upgrades we've made to Reports.

Simplify Your Resource Scheduling Workflow with Our Asana Integration

Connect your people and projects from Asana and drag and drop to create new tasks in Float.

Introducing Multi-Assign & Bulk Edits for Smarter Scheduling

Schedule a task for your whole team, and make updates to multiple people and projects at once.

Easy Drag-And-Drop Scheduling With Our Teamwork Integration

Import your projects and resources from Teamwork and start scheduling tasks in Float in seconds.

Sync and Schedule With Our Jira Integration

If you use Jira for your project management needs and Float for resource scheduling, this integration is for you.
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