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Best Work Life - Blog by the team at Float

We’re a fully remote team working async around the world. Learn the tools, processes, and culture that enables us to be productive and live our best work life.

4 min read

How To Keep Meets Inclusive in Global Remote Teams

With teammates across the globe, finding a single time for an all-team sync is impossible! Here's how we keep an inclusive and async meeting culture.

5 min read

Joining a Global Remote Team: Expectations vs. Reality

Globally dispersed teams have many nuances that new teammates need to pick up. Float's approach makes this easier.

7 min read

Healing From Burnout

Recovering from burnout can be a long process. Here's how to rediscover your happier self at work.

5 min read

Challenging Our Hiring Practices as We Grow

Our hiring process has enabled us to find great team members while respecting every candidate’s time. But we're not resting on our laurels.

7 min read

How To Optimize Your Workstation for Focused Work

What's the best workspace for productivity? There's no one-size-fits-all, but there are steps you can take to build one that inspires you.

6 min read

Why Coworking Spaces Make Life Better for Remote Workers

Coworking spaces help reduce social isolation and can do wonders for productivity and team building.

7 min read

Why Leaders Should Embrace an Asynchronous Work Culture

Remote work and async-first communication can be your company's superpower.

4 min read

The Role of Insights: Fueling Continuous Improvement

Our insights team studies how customers are using Float and helps drive internal decision-making.

6 min read

What We've Learned by Defining OKRs in Engineering

Setting realistic and motivating OKRs is a continuous process of trial, error, and refining.

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